Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Naruto 551 Spoilers – Naruto Manga 551

If you are following the naruto manga 551. You can read naruto 551 and all other chapter of naruto shippuden here.
naruto 551 is not yet available, naruto 551 raw scans and naruto 551 English chapter will be out on wednesday night. we’ll update this page as soon as the naruto 551 spoilers is out.
I’m glad Itachi’s gift wasn’t a counter to MS, but more a failsafe to stop Sasuke from attacking Konoha. By using it here Kishimoto is showing Sasuke will turn back to Konoha on his own. Naruto won’t be able to use the crow anymore and Itachi won’t put it back, but its purpose will be fulfilled. I hope Itachi stays a while to fight Nagato. But what if Kabuto asks Itachi to attack Bee, who isn’t part of Konoha?
- Nagato kicks ass. I hope it is time for him to reveal the truth, now that Itachi has revealed his truth on Shisui.
Naruto 551 Spoilers – Naruto Manga 551
naruto manga 551
I for one don’t want Itachi to save Naruto and Bee. Naruto needs to defeat or break free from Nagato on his own to show that superiority. If not, how will he fight Sasuke?
It will be good to settle this Sharingan vs Rinnegan once and for all though…which is truly the greatest.. Are you searching for the latest naruto 551 manga. Get latest naruto 551 scans and summaries here.
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